Whether your company is big or small,  office chair massage can make a powerful impact on many aspects of your business.  With over 19 years in the Massage field, I’ve spent a lot of time working with clients who have high stress jobs.  Over 50% of lost work days are due to work related stress, keeping approximately 1 million people from work each day. The benefit to you as an employer, along with the benefits to your staffs daily life are work not only the low cost but so much more.  It really is a simple as…Schedule, SignUp, and Show up.

Office Chair Massage Humboldt

Office Chair Massage Eureka


When you schedule office chair massage at your business, it’s an opportunity to give your Staff a 10-15 minute refresh break.  Here’s how it works

  1. We schedule a date, time, and how payments are to be made.
  2. We send out a sign up sheet to your staff so the whole thing is organized. Allowing them to come during lunch or break as to not to disrupt work.
  3. We arrive day of 20 minutes before to set up   in an area of your choosing. (Space needs to be at least 5×5)
  4. Each staff member receives their treatment at designated time.
  5. We pack up leaving the area like we found it and everyone continues on their day Recharged and Ready to go.

We work with your needs. At the low cost of $1/min you can provide this preventive stress reducing service to your office.  Also as an added benefit, by hosting a Office Chair Massage Day at your office, you lock in a discounted rate $65/hr for massage at my location in Eureka for your staff.

Payment Options

There are a few options as to how payment can be made:

* The staff member can pay for the service

* The employer can pay as a gesture of appreciation

* Employer/Employee can split the cost 50/50


Benefits to Individual

* Relieves Muscle Pain & Headaches

* Reduces Stress – Promotes Health

* Relieves physical and emotional stress

* Lowers Anxiety and Blood Pressure

* Increases Energy & Stamina

* Improves Thinking & Awareness

* Boosts Immune System & resistance to illness

Employees will be circling massage days in their calendar, excited for the next one!

Benefits to Employer

* Improves job satisfactionOffice Chair Massage eureka

* Tax Deductible perk

* Reduce Sick time & Absenteeism

* Gives Employees feeling of acknowledgement & appreciation

* Increase morale and productivity

* Decrease repetitive injuries & work claims

Employees who are happy and feel appreciated are more productive which in turn brings money back to the business, so the benefits far outweigh the cost.  Whether you are looking to incorporate a full wellness program into your business or just a weekly/monthly chair massage visit, we can help you figure out how.  Give us a call to discuss questions, comments, or to schedule.


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