Does your group need a confidence kick? Motivation? Self discovery?
Hire Maralana to speak at your next group meeting.
(School, group, organization, professional, or woman’s group).

Customizing presentations to fit the needs and special interests of the group.




Open up your world to endless possibilities using the laws of attraction to capture the life you want.

  • Discover what you want
  • Learn to harness focus
  • Implement
  • Connect your visions with purpose


Free yourself from fears, social stresses, and self doubt while empowering your strengths.

  • Improve your self worth
  • Believe in yourself
  • Understand how things affect happiness, energy, and sleep
  • Empower yourself

Deciphering the Wellness Code

Wellness is confusing and getting involved is overwhelming. Take out the guess work and find whats right for you.

  • Fads
  • Your vision
  • What fits in your life
  • Making your plan

Self Discovery

Understand what makes you…you! Embrace where you’ve been to empower who you are and where your life will take you.

  • Discover passions
  • Overcome fears
  • Tear down obstacles
  • Find yourself

High Heels

Are you wearing your shoes or are your shoes wearing you?

High Heel Profits is the solution for your high heel woes. The High Heel Profits programs allow you to train your body and to stretch your body enabling you to wear heels with comfort, even on the longest of days. You will stand in front of a live event for eight hours and not want to kick those shoes off at the end of the day.

The High Heel Profits program will help you show up at events and meetings poised, confident, and strutting your stuff like you are the only one in your business.