Have you ever ran into “the nutrition Bully!” Come on you know who I’m talking about, the person that you have to be on their diet, their way or your doing it wrong. Well today I’m here to address you, the victim, and the bully.

There are A LOT of diets out there and lots of healthy lifestyles!!! We are all different so different ways of getting fit and healthy is a given.

Now lets take me for instance. I like food and would find it very hard to figure out points and count calories but would I degrade someone for doing Weight Watchers. No because I know that it’s a program that really works for some.

On the other hand I do like convenience. So I do the protein shakes! I know a lot of people that would start an argument or a sales pitch about their shakes (shakeology, herbalife, it works, and other bodybuilding proteins…) telling me why theirs is better and blah blah blah!!! WRONG!!! And I don’t mean wrong theirs are not better but wrong that you’re not encouraging the fact I found something that works for me but demeaning it.

That’s right we are in this fit life together however you are doing it!!! Well unless your starving yourself, harming yourself or something like that.

Just DO YOU!

So to any victim of nutrition bullying take tips and criticism with a grain of salt and hear them out as there may be some valuable info in their rant. But do not let this halt your journey or send you into a depressed mode grabbing for the nearest junk food.

And for all of you on a diet, lifestyle, or journey giving advise. I don’t care whether you are a paleo, vegan, low carber, no sugar, low fat, pill popper, shake master, personal trainer, or even nutritionist or doctor!!! Watch your P’s and Q’s ! There are a lot of people in a vulnerable place hanging on every word you say and you SNATCH them outta their journey and back on the fast track to fat with just the most harmless of criticisms. Instead of criticizing offer some helpful tips that they can do to help and if they are really interested in the way “you do it” they know how to reach you.

This is very personal to me because I have been on both ends of this and have seen it a lot in posts all over the place. Lets work together and be supportive!!