One of the hardest thing about being a motivational trainer is keeping the motivation myself. Yea you read that correctly. Not many people would admit such a thing but I’m human just like you. I get doubts, have fallbacks, stress, and all the things that go on with life.

This year I’ve struggled. Not only have I struggled personally with some health issues causing massive weight gain this year but also I’ve struggled with my voice… my expression… my reaching out to all of you. It’s like the words are in my head and amazing blog topics exploding through my brain. Then as soon as I pick up my phone or paper to put it out to the Blogosphere…BOOM…GONE. NO words just doubt, frustration, and a bunch of other mixed emotions that felt bottled up inside. These emotions weren’t all bad. Some was explorative and challenging wanting me to wait and know more before putting the words out there. There was even some over excitement holding me back. Either way the words and my voice was stuck.

Although over the last few months I have acknowledged that its happening I’ve still to this day been unable to just do it. Let the words flow as I used to. But this, today, is a good start. A positive step in the right direction reaching out to all of you.

Coming back home to my Go Do Be Family, connecting and struggling together to empower our lives in so many different ways. That’s where my motivation comes from. Motivating all of you pushes me further than you will ever know. It’s not easy to put my struggles and strife out there for the world to see but it’s what is needed to keep me chugging along and keeping all of you moving and shaking too.

So from here on out look for more from me. More blogs…More posts… More personal…
Come along and take the Journey with me. Or better yet Take your own Journey and let us be there to cheer ya along the way.

Go Do Be