Today I start something I’ve never done before…Roller Derby Bootcamp. If you don’t know what Roller Derby is, it’s a sport where skaters on two teams battle it out to not let the other teams “Jammer” score points by blocking, pushing, bumping, and tons of strategy. To get a hard core idea try checking out the movie ???? “Whip It”. It doesn’t quite as brutal as some of that…????(or does it).

HUmboldt Roller girl standupAnywho, my next Big Girl Adventure is to become a Derby Girl. I’ve watched from the sidelines in multiple towns I’ve lived in instead of playing because I was afraid I’d get hurt. Duh ???? everyone is but my hands and body are my livelihood with doing massage. So I’ve sat back until now.

Now I’m ready to take on this challenge head on and let the pieces fall where they may ????. (So to speak). I haven’t been training or even to the gym in over 6 months as I’ve moved to Humboldt and haven’t got that groove yet. So other than my outdoor adventures I’ve been stagnant…Yikes!!! Hence the nervousness.

Athena helping me prep

All the crazy thoughts and feelings coming up. “How will I do?” “Ugh will I suck at this!? I mean it’s been like 12 years or more since I’ve been skating.” “What if everyone else is better?”

And the answer to all that is …”Doesn’t matter we’re doing it anyway!!! Go Do Be!”

So I purchased all my gear; Knee pads, Elbow pads, mouth guard, wrist guard. Borrowed a pair of skates from “Hot Box” (Thanks Shawn!!! Love ya) strapped on my snowboard helmet and off I go!!

See ya on the other side!


Update Day 1 Complete!

I did it …I did it!!! I made it through the whole Bootcamp and then even stayed after to work on some things. But let me tell ya there was nothing easy about the first day except registration.

After that it was trial and error. First with the new equipment. Which way does it go? How tight should these straps be? Are may laces to tight? Soon enough though we were all up on our skates and taking some laps. Now I was expecting some easy instruction on basic Skating and some stretching/warming up…Uh No! Next thing I know the whistle blows and we are learning/attempting to skate on one foot then learning to slide stop.

Up and down and round we went and before I knew it the Hour was up. ???????? Good thing though because my shins were screaming! I had a few Oopsies but only one fall that I felt a bit in the shoulder.

So we did it!! Made it through to conquer the next day!

PS Trim your Toe Nails before starting! And Stretch Lots!!!