As we work our way through another Full Moon evening we should take advantage and do some Full Moon Manifesting.

Mentally I’m releasing the things I’m done with or that are holding me back and manifesting my desires. The energy of the moon is strong and whether you care to believe in it or not ..IT’S THERE!

People feel it in different ways. Some people get crazy and it makes their blood crawl, others tap into it and use it to connect to the universe, while others just observe these people being “odd”.

Where do you fit? Do you partake? Do you howl at the moon or meditate and manifest?

And if not Why?

Some people think it’s hard or just don’t understand what to do or why, so I’m here to help.

Visualization is key!  What are you wanting in your life? In all of these examples you will want to have an idea of what you’d like to manifest.  You can get some good tips by reading our Draw Your Life post.


Lunar Abstract Photo Cred ????Mitch Shindelbower

Step 1) Find a quiet place to relax (preferably in light and sight of the Full Moon)

Step 2) Create a list of the above visions in the present tense. Preface these with “I Manifest _____” or “I declare ____” or other empowering words of the same. Or if you’re more artsy you can create a vision board instead.

Step 3) Read them aloud putting all your belief  and faith in to every read word, speaking to the moon.

Step 4) Leave your list where the moonlight shines or take it and put it under your pillow for the night.

Step 5) Be sure to Thank the moon ????

And Voila! You’ve completed your first Full Moon Manifesting session!


Next month we’ll dive in a bit deeper!

Let us know how it goes!

Photo Cred???? Mitch Shindelbower Photography