2015-01-03 07.58.25Remember when we were little in art class or even at home and our adult would tell us to draw a pretty picture. For some they new exactly what they wanted to draw… Dragons, cars, rainbows, family, you doing whatever, While others needed a bit of a nudge as to where to get started. And so came the assignments:

  • Draw what you want to be when you grow up
  • Color a picture of your favorite place
  • Sketch the person you admire the most
  • If you had lots of money what would you buy

Looking back we think “wow the things they did to keep us busy”.  Although that’s somewhat the case, they were also teaching us visualization. Seeing our dreams and putting them to paper.

What the eyes see the brain perceives ~ unknown

So why did we stop… Why did we stop dreaming, drawing and sketching out the roadmap to our happiness? Because we get older and that’s what we do. That may sound like a silly cop out and well it is. So what’s stopping you? Do you need the assignment? Well I have it for you!

Let’s get started!  Read through the instructions first. Then dive in!

1.) Pull out a piece of paper or sketch on any of your tech devices

2.) Take a moment close your eyes and breath clear your mind. Totally clear your mind… Completely nothing in it no stress no expectations just CLEAR!! Now open them.

3.) Ahead of you is a blank slate. A life for you to build all the details matter..

What would your perfect life look like if you were to take a screenshot of it!

  • Significant other
  • Money
  • Kids
  • Job
  • Where you live
  • Things you own
  • Feelings

4.) Now close your eyes again… What does that snapshot look like to you? There are no wrong answers here. This is the life you see, the life you want, and the life that it is not to late to achieve.

Soak in every detail of that picture; the brilliance of the color, the mannerism of the people, the weather..

5.) Open your eyes and draw! Don’t worry about how well you draw.  Screenshot_2016-01-17-16-48-04Not everyone is meant to be an artist..

6.) If you get stuck close your and bring your picture back into your mind.
You may have to step away and come back. Look at it from different angles and add possibilities as you go.

7.) Revisit the vision- The tricky part is this vision, this life you want , changes.  And that’s ok! With new goals, new aspirations, and new people in your life, it’s silly to think it wouldn’t. It’s part of life so roll with it. I suggest once a year redoing this exercise and see how it has changed.
8.) Hang your drawing in a place where you can see it everyday! Take a picture of it with your phone and have it on there or put it on your desk at work.

This is a good place to start to making those childhood dreams turn into reality.

Share yours with us if you desire!