One of the best things I can do for others is inspiring more ad helping them experience things for the first time.. Wanting it! Doing it! And being it! But I can be a bit selfish in saying that I get just as much out of it. Seeing how people grow and the enjoyment that is brought to their life. That fills me up. Although it is rewarding helping strangers and online friends, it hits another level when it happens with family. And this week I get to do just that.

Me mom & dad

My parents are hard workers and although they go here and there on their days off I’ve only known them to take a few ACTUAL vacations in my whole life (and they were to visit me in SC). They live in their own happy bubble back in Pennsylvania. No internet, no email, no smartphones, and no cable.

Think about that for a second….what would you do without any of those things?

Well they do it and they function just fine.

But me being well being me when I moved out here 2 1/2 years ago I told them I wasn’t coming home to visit until they came to see me. Why? Because I want them to see this gorgeous place! I want them to experience things. So I held my ground and now my parents are flying out here for a 10 day vacation to explore Tahoe and a bit of California. There’s a first time for everything.

You must be thinking so? What’s the big deal your parents are flying out? My parents do that all the time. Well your parents aren’t mine and my parents have never been on an airplane before!! Yep crazy right almost 60 years old and haven’t been on an airplane. But they are now. As I write this they are boarding their first airplane to fly from one side of the country to the other.

Our excursion hasn’t even started and I am beaming with pride for them, Overcoming fears and conquering the unknown. I’ll be sharing more stories and pics of our family Go Do Be time as the week progresses. I leave you with a bit of a kick….

If my parents can do it you can too!!!FB_IMG_1462847593983

I’m not just talking about getting on a plane. I’m talking about the things YOU AREN’T DOING!

Comment below on something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t.