I don’t take the time to sit down and read books very often..

With that being said, don’t think for one Book-Cover-fminute I’m not educated or that I don’t keep up with personal/professional development because I do via conferences, online articles/ebooks, and audibles. Sometimes though, I make an exception like in the case of my good friend and mentor, Clark Vandeventer’s new book, Unworking.

As I’m writing this I’m only half way through it,’which is actually pretty incredible considering it just arrived at my door today!!! I just couldn’t put it down until I had to because my alarm was going off..places to be people to see. So what made this book so compelling that I couldn’t put it down?


Well for starters, so much of his life just screams #GoDoBe. That’s probably what pulls us together. Secondly, he’s not just telling “hey, my life is great blah blah blah”. He’s talking to us, (me you or anyone that can sift through and take it on as their own.) All the while laying or a manual of how to start designing your own life.

Although there are action steps through each chapter I decided to skip them and just read the book front to back without interuption so that all these thoughts can marinate.  Then I can go back and tackle them chapter by chapter.

Whether this was a good plan or not who knows but I can already feel myself asking questions about my life. The ones that I used to ask alot more.  Then I begin having conversations with myself (in my head) asking why I stopped.

I’m so excited to see where this book takes me and how with just 100 pages my mind is awhirl with dreams and action steps for Go Do Be and the future that I think could be with it.

I’ll be checking back after I finish the book and then again on each of the action steps as this does not just effect me but all of you as Go Do Be followers.

Order your own copy of #Unworking on Amazon and it was officially released September 10!