Today I start over….

Start over

yuck yuck

This post has been a long time coming but I guess I couldn’t find the words.  Due to some medical issues, that I may talk about later, the last 6 months I haven’t been myself.  I’ve been fatigued, cranky, experiencing endless cravings without being able to be satisfied, and depression.  With that came about a 40 lb weight gain.  While I would love to completely blame it on my condition I let it happen.  I let fatigue keep me from being active. I let depression keep me from hanging out with my friends. I let pain keep me from everything else.  All because I didn’t pay better attention to my health.  Somewhere in all that mess I was lost and entangled in a whirlwind of not knowing what was going on and no health insurance to go really have things checked out.  So I kept blaming the symptoms on other things and avoided the real issue… I was relapsing…and I had to take control or lose it completely.  And that cannot happen!!!

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Today I Start Over

So Today I start over …

Today  I put myself in check..  I make better decisions on what to eat. Today I start working harder, training harder, and pushing harder.  Today I stop letting my hormones control me.  Today I get my voice back, my desire back, and my drive back!



Start over


Today I take responsibility for my health to insure I don’t fall back in shambles again. Today my Brain Tumor will no longer be my KRYPTONITE but instead be my FIRE, my GRIT, my SPUNK, my SPARKLE and my DRIVING FORCE to take control of me.


There is no tomorrow to worry about as TODAY IS THE DAY!

Ooooo Yea ….So I guess we should talk about the brain tumor thing (Yikes….)