Think about a commitment that you’ve made and kept.

Now think about one you made and didn’t keep.

Without judgment, see if there are any common themes in either scenario that illuminate your reason(s) for success or failure (PS: it is okay to fail… and necessary so that we can learn, adapt and change). Picking up common themes is an important way to grow and evolve our understanding of the self-care commitment. 

For example, many of us fail when we don’t have a strong support system in place. Others will fail because they didn’t plan ahead properly. 

On the other hand, when you recall your successes think about what factors were present for you in that space? How was your mindset? Your time management? Your enjoyment of the experience? Chances are these things were in good standing, which led you to a positive outcome and fulfillment of your commitment…. And darn, doesn’t that feel good!

Another strategy that successful people know how to do is to take in the moment. When a success is achieved, they pause and acknowledge it. Better yet, they make the effort to reward themselves and bask in the glory for a bit. How often are you doing this? Even the little things, like appreciating the way you look, or being patient when you could have chosen the route of frustration and agitation, deserve some praise! 

What can you modify in the effort to put self care rituals in place and commit to yourself? Maybe it’s as simple as trying to get your self-care done first thing in the morning so that you’re not worrying about it or putting it off for the rest of the day. Whatever your challenges, acknowledge them so that you can adapt and try something new.

Acknowledge and reward yourself each time you have a self-care success: doing the daily rituals that give you peace and happiness. Maybe you’d like to end your exercise sessions with a delicious smoothie, or buy that awesome pair of shoes you’ve been wanting after a month of #YEDD (yoga every damn day)! Remember, you are worth it and you deserve it!

One more thing regarding commitments and self-care; it doesn’t have to be hard! The Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule, specifies that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes, asserting an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. The fantastic news here is that if we spend 20% of our energy on the things that matter most, then 80% of our outcome will be the favorable result of that small effort. However, if we spend 80% of our energy chasing things that we think we should be doing or participating in the ‘rat race’, we may only get 20% back of what it is we truly want.

So, do yourself a favor, put yourself first, commit to doing things that you love and have faith that things are just as they’re meant to be right now. Those you love will notice you and follow your example. In fact, you may find that in committing to self-care, you have even more time and energy to help others. Self-care builds self-confidence and self-compassion. Be courageous and start up that community project you’ve been thinking about and embrace the most supportive, loving and patient version of yourself that you are ready to step into. If you haven’t already, get into your self-care journey with some of the tips and suggestions we’ve laid out for you and make sure to enjoy every minute!