Have you been dooped into clicking like on a FB status and given a number? Well if you have then you know whats up..If not, someone gives you a number and you have to give some random facts about yourself! SO here we go..
9 random things about me you may not know!

My number is 9..

I can’t wink with my right eye but it’s funny watching me try

Olives make me squirm if I see them in my food

My real hair color is sandy brown

Sometimes I hate Having my picture taken

I believe the best of friends aren’t always the ones by your side but sometimes the ones that you can pick up whenever they need you or you need them

Random Facts

Fierce Eyes

My eyes are chromatic and change with my mood and colors I’m around.#Fierce

I love love love dogs and Now so happy to have Athena, our puppy dog!

I’m from a very small town!!! Hard to believe I know but there was only like 26 in my graduating class…SHANKSVILLE (yes from 9/11 flight 93 crashed there)

Ok… Now here’s the big one I think in a non crazy way I have multiple personalities… In fact I think we all do but we don’t think about it until it becomes a medical condition…

Just when I thought I was done..I got hit with another number!! So here are 5 more random things!!

1. I had to have plastic surgery on the upper left side of my face and eye due to a car accident.. You can still see the scar including a heart shaped one under my left eye

2. I love to dance .. Not choreographed or specific moves ..just dancing to my own beat lol

3. I don’t wanna say I’m a hopeless romantic but I look at life and appreciate the small things, little gestures that make this world/relationships special

4. I am super competitive.. If you think we aren’t competing haha guess again.. Because if I’m not competing with someone I’m competing with myself.. charging and challenging on!!

5. I don’t care whether people get #GoDoBe or not … If you don’t get it it’s not your time .. But I won’t let anyone take that #powerfulmotivation from me or my #GoDoBe believers… It may look like business but IT’s PERSONAL!!!!