So, now that you’re a self-care guru, you’re ready to commit a whole day to it, huh? The keys to an enjoyable retreat-like day of self-care at home are to set a clear intention, schedule your day and prep in advance.

You may have a great idea of some of the things you like to do for your own wellness now that you have explored self-care options more deeply and done some trial and error on what works best for you, Another great tool is the power of intention. Nailing down the ‘why’ of doing what you’re doing is just as important as ‘what’ it is that you’re going to do. Ask yourself, how does this form of self-care serve me and how does it make me feel? 

If doing make-up or styling hair makes you feel beautiful and confident, then go for it! However, it is useful to be aware that some self-care strategies may actually be serving as a way to escape some part of yourself that needs attention and healing. For example, if doing your hair and make-up is the ONLY time you feel beautiful and/or confident, maybe it’s time to re-assess. Trying to minimize these things for the day may, in this case, be a higher form of self-care. Wherever you are at, inviting a few deep breaths as you look into the mirror and state your intention or a positive affirmation, will be an empowering way to start your self-care day.

Scheduling out your day is another powerful tool to having a successful and enjoyable day of self-care. For example, you may only be able to carve out a couple hours for self-care on a Saturday, which is an amazing and applaudable way to start. However, you then, wouldn’t want to set up a nature hike that is far from home and will take half the day. 

Be reasonable with timing and when in doubt, leave a little extra space to transition to the next thing, linger in the previous thing or just rest in between. The act of not rushing is an ultimate act of self-care in and of its own. Also, leave time for healthy light meals and remember to stay well hydrated (water with lemon and cucumber anyone?). Turning off your devices (as much as possible) is recommended as well.

The third key to a relaxing self-care day at home is to prepare in advance. Keep in mind that it may not be very relaxing to attempt self-care with a dirty house or loads of chores on the docket. Getting these things done in advance will feel good and relieve your mind of unnecessary stress. Also, if you will require special props or materials for your self-care day, these should be acquired and set up beforehand as well. Wanting to do an ear candling session without any ear candles wouldn’t make much sense now would it? If an aromatherapy bath and pedicure are part of your plans, set up your towels, scents and clippers the night before in a special way. This will give you something to look forward to and enhance the experience of setting a tone of loving support for yourself for the day.

Wherever you are at on this journey, don’t forget to make it enjoyable and easy. This will increase your likelihood of doing self-care in the first place and repeating it again and again. Incorporate your favorite playlist, splurge on a cushy yoga mat or reward yourself with a delicious chocolate at the end of the day to really reinforce that self-care is awesome and here to stay!

Self Care Journaling Exercise or RuminationSelf-care day, make it happen! Write down exactly what you will do on your special self-care day that you set aside time for. Include details like:

What time will you start and end your activity? (can be a window of time such as morning, evening, etc)
Who will support you (for example, if you need to recruit a babysitter)?
What will you wear?
What healthy foods will you pack or prepare?
What will your activity be?
How long will you do it for?