Do you remember the first time you were told you were to fat to do something or the last time someone said you’d have to lose some weight before thinking something would be possible? I would like to say I do but I think that it has happened more time than I can count in my life so they have kind of blurred together.  The things I do know is that no matter the circumstance or number of times hearing it, those words still hurt.  Some time ago I put that hurt to use and made it my mission. Doing what I love no matter what my size.

This blog series is over 10 years in the making and although I’ve worked in coaching, it’s now that I want to clear up the blur of those “too big for adventure” comments and push through to more adventures.

For those just joining in on my journey, I’ve been overweight most of my life, with ups and downs like so many of us.  Some of it is not my doing, as I have a benign brain tumor on my pituitary gland that like to play tricks on my hormone levels when it wants.  This has made me go through some pretty drastic weight gains in short periods or times and weight losses when all is on track.  At one point, I had lost 152 and although I was still considered overweight I felt I could conquer it all, and I tried. Now my weight has packed back on and I’m determined to  still take my adventures

From Fat to Thin and Back again

So through the years from fat to thin and back again I took everyday as an adventure living my Go Do Be lifestyle (where did I want to GO, what did I want to DO, and who did I want to BE).  I took those awful naysayers words and used them as strength to adventure! I have been to tops of mountains, ran half marathons, biked in races, took multiple day hiking trips, wakeboarded, learned burlesque, and so much more all while being Plus size.

I’m not the only one out there taking on the stereotypes and adventuring while fat (hahahaha) but hopefully through this Big Girl Adventure Life Series I can inspire and empower others to venture out and find their own adventure. And maybe along the way keep me motivated to find more adventures.

Join me here for updates or over on Instagram.  Share your story with us and be part of the #BigGirlAdventureLife movement!

And of course GO DO BE  YOUR LIFE!!