Today seems like a good day to start off IMG_20150207_152635:nopm:my blog series on the new updated website. Why you may ask? Well because today is one of the most difficult days for me as I sit here sick with the flu or some icky sickness. I let the cold, rainy conditions on Saturday get the best of me. I’m not good at sitting around and the fact that this sickness hits me on one of the best snow days we’ve had so far this season frustrates me.


I want to be out there shredding the powder, making the fresh tracks, and just enjoying the white fluffy stuff we’ve been praying for. But I also know my body and know there are more good days to come.


So today’s blog comes with a little lesson for everyone. Most “accidents and injuries” happen when you are tired or sick. This goes for on the slopes and in the gym. If your body is fatigued it does not recover as well and you could be doing more damage than good. Take the time to rest and listen to you’re body! Drink lots of fluids, up your antioxidant intake, and do some light stretching. A nice hot detox bath with epsom salt and an essential oil blend (I like wintergreen, thyme, marjorame, basil, and oregano) really revives your mind, body, and spirit too.

If I can miss out on a powder day then you can skip the gym for a day. You’ll thank me later.