Thanksgiving is a Day of Thanks and feast.  I am not one to tell you to be on a diet over the holidays and keep your calories in check.  But I am one to tell you everything in moderation.  That being said…Thanksgiving can be be not just a one day foodfest but for many people it turns into a 4 Day Binge with a “Restart” on Monday.  Why put yourself through 4 days of that?  So here is your Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide to help you get through without breaking the belt.

Take a Thanksgiving Stroll

During the Day

1.  Start the Day off hydrated

2. If you’re cooking all day… Don’t be afraid to sample/taste test (as the best chefs do) but at least be aware of how much you are consuming.  Every bite adds up

3. If you are not cooking, Stay out of the kitchen, away from the cookie tray lingering in the common areas, and away from the punches and sodas.

4. It’s family time.  If you are not part of the prep find a way to get some activities in.  Go for a walk, chase around the kids, play some ball, or even head to the park.  There are plenty of ways to make it happen

During the Meal

1. Eat Slow and give your brain time to tell you “Hey I’m FULL, thats enough”

2. Drink at least a glass of water before you start

3. Start with your greens, veggies, or salad

4.  Limit bread and fatty/fried food.  Notice I said LIMIT not forbid it from your meal (Moderation!)

5. Only put the things on your plate that you really wanna eat.  Just because it’s there does not mean you have to eat it.

6. Take time for conversation.  It’s a family feast not Chow Down.  This also gives your food time to settle.

7. You DON’T have to eat everything off of your plate.  It’s ok to walk away from it.  In Fact GOOD JOB!!!!

8. DON’T GO BACK FOR SECONDS!!!! If you really think you are still hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you are still hungry then grab a bit more

Slice into a Thanksgivning Pumpkin Pie

Everything in Moderation…Even Pumpkin Pie

After Dinner

1. Did I mention DRINK WATER!!!

2. Get moving..Walk, Dance, skip, jump, boogie, whatever you can do to work it off a bit

Most importantly…This day is not about watching your diet, strict goals, or worrying about calories. Remember food does not bring happiness. Its about family and being in that moment THANKFUL for all that we have but MINDFUL of what could be if we stay focused on our dreams.

Go Do Be!   Happy Thanksgiving