Teazers Pole Fitness

Tonight was preregistration for a new class in Myrtle beach, Teazers Pole Fitness which uses gymnastic moves on a pole to strengthen and sculpt your body. Using your limbs to climb, spin, and perform moves sometimes inverted calls for flexibility, strength, and endurance to make the routine flawless.

But we all have to start somewhere… #Godobe Today was the first time I ever touched a pole and some girls make it look so easy. I walked in there expecting that it would be difficult as my upper body strength is a bit lacking but was quickly surprised how easy it was to get the basic moves. And you didn’t care if you messed up or looked silly because we were all beginners. Valerie took time to correct our posture, steps, and hand placement and most definetly took some time to stretch us out before starting.

We laughed and twirled our way through the hour getting better and better with our kicks, twirls, and turns. Although I used my arms a lot I am overly surprised at how much I feel it in my abs but I guess you don’t realize it while your doing it, that your core is always engaged and stabilizing, stretching, and constricting over and over again.

The girls at Teazers showed me such a good time I’m going to take on a 2 week challenge to see how much we can trim me out and how much skill I can aquire before they start their big 6 week Teaze program!!!

Have you tried pole fitness before?