So you want to go organic and reduce your carbon footprint but the thought of going to a farmers markets scares you. Although there are always other alternatives, farmers markets is the place to help you work on both of those while also learning about your new found health journey straight from the source. Now it’s just a matter of breaking down the wall of intimidation between you and the farmers market.
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I’ll never forget my first experience at a Farmers Market. At first I thought I’d be a pro at shopping the market as I grew up shopping the flea markets with my family. So the venue did not turn me away but the encounters changed the way I looked at it.
The first vendor I came upon was a woman she was hurried and could barely speak English but could speak enough to tell me price and “you take” as she pushed her fruits on me one by one as if I were in a mall near the perfume counter. After I escaped her sales pitches, I headed to the next vendor. Behind the vegetables was a burly bearded man, as gruff and rough in his personalities as his appearance. He eyed me as I perused his items or so I felt. I couldn’t dare look or may have ran out of there faster than I did.

Mentally I had psyched myself out before even trying. Although I’m not a pro at shopping the market yet, I have found I’m not intimidated by it anymore. With just a few tips, you can too.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Do your homework and learn a bit of the language. Not only will it boost your confidence but also make it easier to find items your interested in. There are many great resources to help you and here are a few words to start your search.
  • Organic2016-09-03 12.36.55
  • GMO
  • Free Range
  • Pesticide
  • Sustainable
  • Fair Trade
  • Natural/Certified Natural

Take your Time

Shopping the farmers market is not like shopping the grocery store. You don’t just get in get your stuff and get out. Shopping and comparing is a must especially your first trip. You want to compare quality, price and availability.

Ask Questions and Sample

Most vendors take pride in their work so by asking questions you are giving them a chance to share that more interest. Don’t be intimidated by the pushy or the bearded they’re just people. If something confuses you and you are to shy to ask just step away and google it. Also try the samples that’s why they are put out there. Especially if you are going to purchase something. That way you know what you are getting.
Bike Baskets

Bike Baskets

Stay Green!

Don’t forget to bring your reusable shopping bags or baskets to take home your goods.

Respect the Space!

Although you may take you furry friend with you everywhere you go. The farmers market is a lot like a grocery store with food and people so out of respect keep Fido elsewhere. You wouldn’t take your dog to a grocery store would you?
Also be sure to throw away all garbage (sample cups and spoons) and of course recycle any items.  Some vendors will even offer a discount on your next purchase if you bring back their bin/crate/glass/sack.

Shop with a Buddy

Maybe the best way to get over the intimidation is to take a friend that already know the ropes.  Not only can you both be on the lookout for good deals but they will be there to answer your questions and show you what to look for.  Also if the vendor has bulk options you can split the purchase.

I hope this helps you take a bit of the edge off and inspires you to check out your local farmers market.

 What tips do you have for shopping the Farmers Market or better yet what intimidates you there?