Tonight we were prepping for the big day of cooking for the Super Bowl! Lucky me! No I really mean lucky me! He is an amazing cook and as we are trying to get fit together his grilling and barbecue/smoke passion will get us to be making healthier dinner choices. So what does this have to do with a workout? Well…its a Shop-Garage workout.

First of all we had to jump in his big truck and go pick up his welding equipment to fix up this new/used smoker he bought. Harmless enough right? Wrong! Each piece weighed over 70lbs or more and then you had to heave it up at least 4 1/2 feet to get it on the bed of the truck!!!

So lets see..2012-07-20 21.37.06
1) carrying heavy object 20ft times 8 trips
2) squat with weight and arm extension times 8

Then we get back to the shop where all of this needed unloaded.

1) 8 weighted “rows” pulling the stuff to tailgate of the truck
2) 8 weighted squats getting it off the truck
3) 4 weighted 30 ft walks to the open shop and 4 pull behind weighted walks

I am tired just thinking about it. But luckily I got a nice little rest while he welded away and got his new smoker in working order.

But oh wait we have to move the smoker to the house.

1) Drag 300lb smoker 30 ft to the truck
2) Together squat and lift smoker on truck
3) smoker doesn’t fit so I had to squat lift and shuffle one end.. (Yea worked them arms )

And soon enough we are in the truck headed home to unload.

1) together slide it off truck and squat it to the ground
2) drag 300lb smoker 50 or so feet to the rear of the house IN THE GRASS!!! (Which fought us the whole way!
3) finished up with a squat and lift up onto our patio.

Who would have thought that something as harmless as a grill/smoker could give you so much of a workout? Definitely not me but my arms sure can feel it.

What day to day activities can you think of that have given you a tough workout? #godobe