Do you sweat? Oh I know I do! My face my hands and well everywhere! But I can’t wear headbands or bandanas because they give me a headache so thankfully I found Handana!!! AND THEY ARE AMAZING…Which puts them on the must buy stocking stuffer list for this season! So what is this Handana that I speak of? Well let’s see what they have to say..straight from their website..

“It’s made of soft, durable wicking SupplexTM LycraTM fabric that wraps around your hand allowing you to use both sides of your Handana hand to wipe sweat from your eyes, nose, neck or forehead. Your hand and fingers are completely free to keep your stride smooth, steer your bike or to open snacks and water bottles.” But they are telling it straight up. I was super impressed with how quickly the item got to me because I couldn’t wait to try it! For the last few weeks and this is what I have to say.. -super soft comfortable and wraps naturally around your hand does not feel awkward -functional as you can use it on either hand -trendy because they are simple fun and add a splash of color!

-darker colors hide the dirt/sweat/gunk better but all you do is throw it in the washing machine

-Made in the USA!!!

But its not just about the product! It’s about the story and the passion behind it. Katie, owner and creator, spreads her mission and awareness of Stevens Johnson Syndrome with the world and help inspire others to “Cross their own finish lines”. Check out her amazing triumph.

I’m loving my Handana and use it in the Gym, on the trail, and well anywhere I’m getting active.  Want your own Handana? Go Check them out and tell them Maralana # GoDoBe Sent you!

And Did I mention WE Are giving away a set?!?!?! Oh yes Be on the lookout for your way to enter to win thanks to our friends at Handana!!