How would you like to improve your adventurous streak? While adventurousity may not be a word, I love the sound of it, don’t you?

As with any personal trait that you are trying to improve using affirmations and quotes can really be beneficial to you. They can even be used to pump yourself up to finally take on that new challenge.

Here’s a couple of affirmations that you might want to use:

I love being adventurousImprove your Adventurousity
I love experiencing new things
I love to explore
I will conquer my fears
I am outgoing and headstrong
I look challenges straight in the face
I will focus on the journey as opposed to the destination
I am a brave person
I enjoy danger
I am becoming more adventurous each day

It is quite possible to think yourself into being more adventurous. We were all born with a sense of adventure. How do you think babies discover and learn what the world around them holds? By taking chances and by not being afraid.

Unfortunately as you get older you discover that danger lies within many things and places. This is what often holds you back from facing a challenge head on. It is much easier to stay where it is safe and secure.

Even learning a new skill can help you become more adventurous. Why not learn a new language, which will help you travel to a new country? Learn how to cook foods of a different culture.

Allow yourself to Experience new things

Improving your adventurous streak doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in harm’s way. It just means allowing yourself the freedom to experience new things such as foods, cultures, new sports, practically anything that you would love to do.

Your ultimate goal may be to do an extreme sport just once in your life. Life is really too short and you never know when something may strike you down without warning.

Learning to improve how you view the world of adventure can open up a realm of possibilities for you. You could learn new skills, meet new people or be presented with unforeseen opportunities.

So if your lack of adventurousity is getting you down. Give it a good slap by taking action and changing the way you view adventure. Repeat your affirmations several times each day until you start truly believing in yourself.

Nobody but you can change the way you think!

Go Do BE!