imageI saved a life today .. A snowman’s life…

As I approached him in the woods he had lost his head his face had lost all emotion gone were his eyes, his nose, his brilliant smile…smooshed beyond recognition into the ground below barely attached to his midsection which also had fallen..

How did this happen? How did you get this way? How did you allow your days as a snowman to fall at the waist side? Was it a bully? The weather? That evil sun beating down on you?

It makes no difference though.  You’ve come apart and it’s not yet your time to go…

Have no fear snowman for I am here! Here to put you back together, to mend your broken pieces, to replace that sparkle in your eyes, and put that smile back on your face.


There you go Snowman good as new! Better than new. You’ve come back to life…Pay it forward and put a smile on the faces of all that come to pass!

I saved a life today.. A snowman’s life.. Who or what will you build up today?