Because Dogs are Family Too.. #DodgersBucketlist

Marking things off #DodgersBucketList as quick as we can as it seems he’s taken a turn for the not so good.  (I’m not saying the worst because I’m holding out)

Tonight we celebrated his 9th birthday with lots of his doggie pals.  He welcomed every guest at the door, knowing they were there before they ever even knocked, then chased the dog through the living room to the back deck.  As if saying “hey come check out my party.”
We got crafty creating some paw print canvases with all the doggie guests and even a photo overlay to go over a pic to forever remind us of not only our faithful friend Dodger but also all the people and their dogs that truly are there when you need them.

After the arrival of Dodgers birthday hat it was time to chow down.  The dogs had settled down from their chasing and everyone had migrated in from the late summer chill taking over the deck just in time to present Dodger with his cupcake and sing him happy birthday.

It was an emotional night full of food, fun, making plans, and reminiscing good times.  This will be a party we all remember and hopefully we made Dodger feel as special and loved as he has done for all us.

On to the next checkmark… More memories to be made!