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Pumpkin Pancakes Red Hut

Finding your breakfast spot can be a trial and error kind of experience and it actually took me 4 years to find my favorite, but not without lack of trying.  I love breakfast foods; sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, pancakes, waffles, and the list continues, but finding the right restaurant that meats my taste bud need and wants had been its own adventure.
You may be thinking “Why would I want to eat breakfast out when I can cook at home (or like most people not eat at all)”.  Well I’m not telling you to do it every day but it can be a nice change in your weekly habits, offer a bigger variety than you are normally making at home, frees up time to spend with your family, and did I mention how delicious it is!
Tahoe has many different kinds of breakfast choices; buffets, sit down, diner, seafood, waterfront, pancake houses, and franchises. Each comes with it’s own menu, pricing, and styles of cooking. That is why you have to try a few until you find the place that suits your taste buds. No need to settle as there are plenty to choose from.
Breakfast Tips
1) Try new things on the menu even if it sounds different. Someone must have liked it for it to be on the menu
2) When in a new area or even our area give the non chain restaurants a try. Some of the best pancakes I have ever had where from home style cooking places
3) Like the people at your potential new breakfast spot. If they have great food and a good staff then you will be more likely to enjoy the experience.
4) Read reviews online, ask for referrals from friends, or hit up the coupon books we talked about last week.
5) Know what you like and what your looking for. If your favorite item is not on the menu that may not be the spot for you. Same goes for drinks and service. For instance my restaurant has to have link sausage, delicious fluffy pancakes, orange juice, friendly staff, and quick service.
If you can’t make it out during breakfast hours there are many restaurants that offer all day breakfast now for you to enjoy it at your convenience .
Now is a great time to search around for that perfect breakfast spot while things have slowed and there is no wait.  Stop in a few and have a bite you may just see what all the tourist commotion is all about.
If you need some recommendations for some delicious spots or some gotta have breakfast concoctions send @MaralanaGoDoBe a message