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Because Dogs are family too.

Without notice that evil “C” word can strike, yea I’m talking about cancer and not just of the human variety but the furry friend kind. The seemingly healthiest of dogs can be fine one day and the next BAM sitting at the Vets office waiting for the fated news.

This hit home this month, My Home, as my roomates Dog Dodger woke up one day with swelling in his back leg.  First look from the vet came up with many unanswered questions and instructions to rest.  One week later it was positive for cancer but looked as though it hadn’t spread but his leg would have to go.  Jenn’s strength and her support system of friends, made for an easy transition as everyone wanted to be there for Dodger.  He came out of surgery a champ and with in the first few days was trying to climb steps and get outside.  When all was looking well he took another hit. Four days after surgery test results came back and well its more severe than we ever thought it could be.  An extremely aggressive cancer of the bloodstream was camping out and just hasn’t matastisized yet. Taking his leg was a a big step in prolonging his life but as per the vet it looks like he only has 4- 6 months.


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How do you deal with the loss of your best pal, the one that has been through the hard times, the fun times, and slept by your bed protecting you for the last 8 years especially when you know that you only have a short amount of time.  Well you give him the Best Summer the two of you can have.

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Enter me that specializes in Living #GoDoBe.  Dodger may not be my dog but he’s family to me and to so many people.  So the best way I can give back to him is doing what I do best, helping to create a BucketList and making it happen for him and for Jenn.


Together over the next few months we will be checking off things off the list for Dodger! #DodgersList

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Train a Puppy

National Park

Costume Party

Attend Live Concert

Swim in the Lake

Ride on a Motorcycle

Be a Team Mascot

Paddleboard2015-04-30 16.44.32


Paint a Painting

Doggy Spa for a Massage

Mud Bath

Ride in a Convertible (Jeep)

Camping2015-04-08 09.12.16

Play in the Snow

Paw print Stepping stones

Doggy Photoshoot


Follow along with us and feel free to comment what you’d do with your doggie pal.

Do you have a Dog? What would be on his Bucket List?



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