How much stock do you put into the word “adventurous”, do you see your life in this way or not? How adventurous are you? When you think about it life is full of adventures that never stop. Let’s take a look at the adventure of life.

When you were young you were excited by everything that surrounded you. As a baby adventures lay in discovering how your fingers and toes worked. As you got older there was the adventure of trying new foods, learning how to roll over and to eventually crawl, then walk.

If you could clearly remember these times your brain was probably full of questions and enjoyed each challenge. Young children don’t see things as an obstacle in their way. They patiently keep on trying until they learn how to climb those stairs or learn how to dress themselves.

Unfortunately as we get older this excitement and sense of adventure seems to disappear. Instead it is replaced with routines, habits and things that are familiar, safe and secure and lose a work-life balance.

Where did adventure of life go?

Possibly because you get so tied up in your everyday life, you stop seeing the world that is around you. Or you are just so busy with school, work and your family that your thoughts don’t have time to wonder, as they once did.
This really is a shame, when the world has so much to offer everyone. So why not try and put some of this spunk back into your life ?

This can easily be done by allowing yourself the pleasure of fulfilling one of your dreams. Maybe you want to visit the Alps, or go scuba diving off the Gold Coast of Australia, why can’t you still do these things? Find a way to fulfill your dream by letting your adventurous streak emerge.

Find your Dreamadventure of life

Maybe the thing you want to be isn’t the most “sensible” thing that you should be doing. But if it is one of your life’s dream then do not question your reason why. Just find a way to make your dream a reality.

If your dream isn’t as extravagant, that’s fine too. You may just want to learn martial arts, or run in a marathon. Instead of telling yourself you don’t have the time for these things, make time. This could involve coming home late for dinner once a week, or missing that beer with the boys.

If you are willing to make a small sacrifice in order to have some adventure in your life, wouldn’t you do it? Life truly is an adventure, with lots to learn and see, don’t settle for second best.

Go Do Be