Sometimes getting started with losing weight just takes some SMARTS.

Start!!! First you must decide to start and let me tell you this can be the most difficult. Don’t wait or procrastinate just Start this very moment.

Move!!! There are plenty ways to add movement to your daily life besides hitting the gym.IMG_0830

Avoid!!! Just avoid the junk! Stay away from it, keep it out of your space. If it’s out of sight out of mind.

Remind!!! Remind yourself throughout the day WHY you are doing this. Have pictures in places where you may need reminded.

Track your progress!!! Yes keep a journal of your weight, measurements, water intake, and food consumption. This way you can stay on track and see your progression along with what you may need to work on.

Sleep!!! Getting zzz’s are so important to your body. Be sure to get 7-8 hrs to set your body on a great schedule.

Just a few tips to get you on your way!