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Self Care: Make a Lasting Commitment

Think about a commitment that you’ve made and kept.

Now think about one you made and didn’t keep.

Without judgment, see […]

Take a Self Care Getaway

Have you ever been on a retreat? Maybe it was with a church group back in the day or […]

Planning a Self Care Day

So, now that you’re a self-care guru, you’re ready to commit a whole day to it, huh? The keys […]

Getting Others Involved to Amplify Your Self Care Regimen

Have you ever brought to mind someone you love and thought, “They could really use some more time for […]

Exploring Self Care Options

Since there are so many methods of increasing your awareness and commitment to self-care, it may seem hard to […]

5 Ways to Incorporate More Self Care into Everyday Life

The key to practicing self-care is doing it with enthusiasm and joy. If self-care feels like just another chore […]

The value of self care in dollars

What do you know about medical self-care? By definition it’s a person’s ability to use good judgment when making […]

How do I find time for Self Care

Although self care is gaining popularity rapidly, it’s not just a fad. Self care is most effective when practiced […]

What does self care look like?

Self-care has nearly endless possibilities. In fact, one of the best ways to cultivate a caring attitude toward yourself […]

Selfcare isn’t Selfish and It’s Not Just for Sundays, Either

In the not so distant past, and even in some homes today, the suggestion of self-care may have seemed laughable. Our […]